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visvim Spring/Summer 2015 “Dissertation on Product Individuality” Lookbook

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Soaking up a myriad of influences from idyllic Americana ranging from collegiate Take Ivy sportswear, military-informed outerwear and laid-back Hawaiian prints, visvim present this superbly crafted lookbook for Spring/Summer 2015.

Showcasing this stylised rendition of Anytown, USA, Japanese-designer Hiroki Nakamura applies his unique patina-tinged aesthetic to a broad selection of garments, ranging from casual military-inspired jackets, tailored button-ups, thick denim jackets, wool and linen jersey silhouettes.

The bookended by the brand’s highly revered footwear collection including the classic Skagway Hi, as well as the ever-popular Ballistic Backpack in a plethora of retina rattling colourways.

visvim Spring/Summer 2015 will launching early 2015. For more information, please email us at [email protected].

VISVIM A/W’14 ‘A Dissertation on Patina’ – Final Drop

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Encompassing designer Hiroshi Nakamura’s interest in the concept of ‘patina’, Japanese-brand VISVIM drop the final instalment from their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, ‘A Dissertation on Patina’.

From the beauty of oxidised metal on a vintage motorbike left to fallow to the characteristic ageing on a product that has been used, re-used, loved and lavished with care throughout a long lifespan, the way in which Nakamura concerns himself only with the most worthwhile notions of patina has given birth to a fascinating new collection touching on classic VISVIM designs an debuting brand new silhouettes.

Taking this concept, the perception of the A/W’14 collection is to approach each piece with love and care resulting in a product that will last you thus creating beauty through a patina that has been achieved with purpose, through the action of the wearer.

The final instalment from the collection features a range of the brand’s fabled footwear such as the classic Brigadier Boot and Skagway Folk Hi joined by the Mesa Moc-Folk, which is constructed with a plush suede with double ankle strap fastening.

An unassuming hooded piece using Calico print linen panels and vintage button details to accentuate its loopback jersey construction is sat alongside VISVIM’s ever-popular Ballistic 20L Backpack. Utilising KONBU treated Cordura nylon uppers that have a distinct feel of cotton, the backpack sits with a premium Horween Bison leather reinforced base, providing unparalleled durability, whilst ensuring the bag retains the classic Visvim design ethos.


Six Stories of GORE-TEX: Hiroki Nakamura of VISVIM

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Originally launching with a footwear line in 2000, VISVIM head-honcho Hiroki Nakamura has continued to expand the brand by offering a expertly executed apparel, accessories and lifestyle items, all of which are a vehicle for sophisticated design and unparalleled levels of functionality.

Technical materials such as GORE-TEX sit seamlessly in amongst the roster of fabrics in Nakamura’s innovative new designs that are built to last while remaining true to their roots in traditional craftsmanship. In this interview with Hypebeast, the Japanese-designer explores the fabric’s potential when infused with the natural indigo dyes both visvim and F.I.L. are known for, as well as chatting about VISVIM and his relationship with clothing in general.

Head over to Hypebeast for the full article or take a look at our latest range from VISVIM.

The second drop from the VISVIM A/W’14 collection is due online next week, for more information please email us at [email protected].
Images courtesy of Hypebeast.

Visvim AW14 ‘Dissertation on ‘Patina” – Online Now

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

‘Dissertation on ‘Patina’, the title of the AW14 collection from Visvim, takes its name from designer Hiroki Nakamura’s relationship with the concept of Patina itself and the ways in which he has sought to explore it through his own work, seeking to create objects that age well over time.

From the beauty of oxidised metal on a vintage motorbike left to fallow to the characteristic ageing on a product that has been used, re-used, loved and lavished with care throughout a long lifespan, the way in which Nakamura concern himself only with the most worthwhile notions of patina has given birth to a fascinating new collection touching on classic Visvim designs an debuting brand new silhouettes.

Separating ‘Patina’ from it’s passive connotations, this AW14 is designed to inspire you to wear in an item with love and care, creating beauty through a patina that has been achieved with purpose, through the action of the wearer.

Translating the level of care and attention throughout every single aspect of the collection, Nakamura designs each piece not just from the pattern up, or even from the fabric up, but from the yarn itself, striving to deliver the best product possible, one that reveals the hard work put into it over time.

A collection that shows just why this visionary Japanese designer has cemented his brand at the top of the game, the AW14 collection from Visvim is online now.







visvim Autumn/Winter 2014 Lookbook

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

One of the most highly anticipated drops of the year, visvim always garners worthy attention for its unique urban-folk aesthetic that has been mastered by Japanese-design legend Hiroki Nakamura.

The Autumn/Winter 2014 Lookbook adheres this aesthetic with heavy doses of Americana fused with timeless pieces all set against a mid-west canyon/forest setting. Western shirts and sherpa lined jackets sit alongside cable knits, parkas and classic oxford whilst the selection of footwear and accessories that underline the collection’s rugged look.

The visvim Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is due in the coming weeks, whilst the latest drop is now online.

VISVIM – The Latest Spring/Summer 2014 Drop

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

The latest from Visvim is now online here at END., with two new versions of two of their best loved styles infused with the new Geo Patchwork textile.

The FBT is considered by many to be a genuine modern classic, the epitomy of Visvim designer Hiroki Nakamura’s appropriation of artisanal techniques combined with his utilisation of some of the best contemporary technology and a silhouette with is a success time and time again.

For 2014 the FBT has been draped in plush suede uppers sourced from the UK, a hand stitched moccasin toe and the iconic detachable fringe has taken on the SS14 collections graphic print Geo Patchwork textile, an iteration that well and truly stands up the the history of this celebrated silhouette.

One of the finest Oxford shirts available, the Visvim Albacore Shirt is as much a part of the brands DNA as the FBT, cut from  a top quality Giza cotton oxford and finished with a carefully selected array of detailing, it has also taken on the unique Geo Patchwork textile for SS14.

Online now, head to the VISVIM section to take a proper look at these amazing pieces of design.




Visvim – Brand in Focus

Friday, April 25th, 2014

A true Auteur, Visvim designer Hiroki Nakamura’s creative vision shines through in everything the storied Japanese brand does, thanks in part to his all encompassing level of creative control.

Each Visvim collection sees Nakamura take on a huge range of classic styles, recreating oxford shirts, classic sneakers and long-established outwear design in line with his ultra-specific vision.

Inherent to his approach is the desire to create pieceswith a definite sense of strength and power, achieved by his rigorous research into artisanal techniques and by utilising raw materials from around the world.

Visvim footwear is often constructed from a range of exotic materials that other designers would never consider, like ballistic Nylon making up the uppers of the cult classic Christo Sandal, graphic printed suede on the classic Skagway and rare Kudu leather uses for their hyper technical Virgil boots.

This attitude towards materials extended far beyond their footwear, with Egyptian Giza cotton used for their signature Juneau and Albacore Oxford shirts – some of the best examples money can buy, rare 12oz blue selvedge used across their range of denim designs and Gore-Tex backed, sulphur dyed corduroy used alongside Coyote fur hood lining on their superbly substantial outerwear.

Online now and available to purchase online, take a look at the latest offerings from Mr. Nakamura in our Visvim section now.

VISVIM AW13 – ‘Dissertation on a man with no country’

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

‘Dissertation on a man with no country’, the title of the AW13 collection from Visvim sums up the themes of national identity, ethnic iconography and artisanal construction which are so important to this, and all of designer Hiroki Nakamura’s work.

Through his design Nakamura is exploring an individual’s relationship with their surroundings, experimenting with the idea of identity and juxtaposing traditional techniques and aesthetics across international boundaries.

A key example of this is the wide and varied selection of natural materials used for Visvim’s clothing and footwear, boots are constructed from the leather of exotic animals and garments are cut from rare and impressive materials.

Surprise and delight details have always been a staple of Nakamura’s craft, shirts are constructed with one of a kind flourishes and footwear is put together with a forward thinking and directional attitude that few designers could hope to match up to.

The AW13 collection focuses heavily on these kinds of details, with this season’s signature pattern playing a particularly important role. Every year Nakamura selects a unique fabric and applies it across his designs and this year he has selected an indigo dyed calico print canvas, an iconic motif from American history. This iconic print adds a distinct edge to t-shirts, shirts and boots across the collection, worked into the design of each item in unique way.

To explore the first release from this fascinating collection, head through to our Visvim collection now.





VISVIM – SS/13 Drop 2

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Hiroki Nakamura is a man who has very little interest in the perfect products that can be produced through modern manufacturing methods. He’s a man more concerned with character. Nakamura, the founder and head designer for VISVIM, has solidly produced collections for consisting of understated, timeless pieces that belie that incredible level of effort paid to functional design and premium materials.

Reappearing for SS13 is the Serra Boots, a VISVIM staple, this time constructed with vegetable tanned Horween leather uppers and lining made from un-tanned leather, making it soft, supply and extremely breathable. These first class uppers sit on top of a cork footbed, TPU heel stabilizer and surgically enhanced EVA Phylon midsole ensuring the functionality of the Serra. The 7 Hole 73-Folk boots are also back for this seasons collection, featuring hand sewn cowhide leather and Japanese canvas uppers and the classic, military inspired wrap around laces and brass Riri zip side entry.

Dedication to create pieces that will stand the test of time has always been a focus of Nakamura’s. Through working with skilled artisans and focusing on tried and tested production techniques he has succeeded time and time again in this and the SS13 is no different. The Patrician WT Hi-Folk is a perfect example of this, with a cork footbed, bamboo shank and TPU Stablizer, they are sure to remain comfortable for years to come With this focus on longlasting durability in mind, the Patrician WT Hi-Folk features a hard wearing VIbram sole which, in the unlikely case that it will every have to be, can be easily replaced thanks to its hand stitched goodyear welt construction.

The collection also has strong offerings outside of the world of footwear. The Juneau Weld Noto Giza Shirt, another staple of the brand, this time features a tapestry style fabric on its weld chest pocket and is constructed from a strain of giza cotton, the highest grade of cotton in the world, developed exclusively for VISVIM. The focus on materials does not stop there, with the SS102 One Wash Jacket constructed from a rare, 12oz green selvedge denim spun in Japan, a material which truly deserves to be called premium.

To peruse Hiroki’s offerings for SS13, head to the Visvim section now.


Visvim – Autumn/Winter 2012

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Hiroki Nakamura’s Visvim return to End with the first delivery from their highly anticipated Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. As ever, the range perfectly showcases the level of craftsmanship and expertise that goes into delivering every piece Visvim, mixing premium materials with an unwavering attention to detail.

The first drop is footwear-heavy, comprising six classic Visvim silhouettes. The Skagway Hi Oka has an all-American classic profile, reminiscent of the classic Chuck Taylor, given a true Nakamura dynamic with distinctive striped cotton uppers. In contrast, the iconic Grizzly Boot is comparatively muted, with natural vegetable-tanned cowhide constructed uppers and rugged Vibram lug-sole unit. The highlight of the footwear has to be the FBT Bearfoot Pizi Folk FBT, an updated version of Visvim’s most iconic shoe, available in three colourways. The Bearfoot has a very natural aesthetic, with the use of premium suede, woven ‘bead’ detailing and a stream-lined sole unit. The footwear collection is neatly complemented by pieces from the clothing collection. One of the quintessential pieces from the Visvim catalogue, the Albacore shirt is the archetypal Oxford shirt constructed from a premium cotton and accented with its distinctive pattern panel running along the sleeve.

As usual this latest Visvim drop is extremely limited, we would advise heading over to the Visvim section now for a closer look…









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