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Stone Island – The First from their SS14 Collection – Online Now

Monday, January 13th, 2014

For Spring/Summer 2014 Stone Island have pressed on with their time tested approach, focusing on quality and innovation within materials and pushing the boundaries when it comes to colour.

Taking on a distinctly seasonal palate, preparing for the upcoming summer months, our first crop of designs from one of Sportswear Company’s best loved brands revisits a number of their staple designs.

An area in which Stone Island have always been the pioneers, colour treatments, washed and dying techniques form the crux of their approach, creating pieces that are instantly recognisable as SI for their aesthetic alone.

Processes such as the Garment Dying treatment are well represented this season, alongside their new ‘Old’ washing technique, designed to give a strategically faded finish to their signature Jersey pieces.

A technical approach to fabrics has been a hallmark of these Italian outerwear pioneers since day one, continuing to this day with rigorously treated and expertly executed designs, including their Garment Dyed Nylon Poplin and iconic Membrana TC pieces.

An impressive drop from a true END favourite, the latest from Stone Island is online now.

Stone Island – Spring/Summer 2014 Preview

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

With the Spring/Summer season finally starting to kick-start itself into gear, iconic Italian sportswear brand Stone Island have given us a preview of what to expect in the new year. Synonymous with innovative outerwear, the S/S’14 collection is comprised of their usual heady mix of performance fabrics and functional design, all housed in pared-back silhouettes.

As usual, Stone Island have put the focus on an unrivalled colour palette in seasonally appropriate orange, lilac and blue hues on some of their most popular styles including the Ghost Jacket, Mussola Gommata Garment Dyed Jacket, Membrana TC Hooded Jacket and the Light Soft Shell-R Jacket.

This new collection also sees SI return to their highly sought after Marina range, building on their industry leading material design and creating outwear that is instantly recognisable as Stone Island, with a selection of brand new designs including the innovative Heat Reactive Marina.

The collection is due online early January, so keep an eye on our Stone Island section. For further information, please email us at info@endclothing.co.uk.

Innovative Injection, Explorations into Dying and Jaw Dropping Reflectivity – Stone Island AW13

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Stone Islands Autumn/Winter 2013 collection sees them continue to blaze a trail within the world of performance fabrics with a selection of fascinating new designs dropping here at End this week. This first look at the collection is made up of innovative injected down jackets, new explorations into their garment dying process and a jaw dropping return to the world of reflectivity.

An iconic SI style, their range of Garment Dyed jackets are typical of their approach and the AW13 see’s them press on, applying it to new fabric combinations to create some intriguing results. On the Mussola Gommata Hooded Jacket they have bonded a lightweight layer of cotton muslin to an opaque polyurethane film creating a versatile hybrid material that captures it’s a distinctive colour though the dying process while ensuring protection from the elements care of its protective film.

The effects of the Garment Dying process have also had a major impact on the development of the construction techniques used for the Garment Dyed Down Jacket. The nylon shell of the Garment Dyed Shirt Jacket achieves a particularly interesting colour glow when put through this process and in order to withstand the rigours of dying, its genuine down stuffing has been treated and directly injected into the jacket. Evident of the lengths which Stone Island go to to create their innovative fabrics.

Reflectivity is a function that has been the focus of many of Stone Islands most impressive creations and the AW13 collection is no different, with the highlight of this collection so far being their new Mesh Reflective Down Jacket.

A testament to their constant innovation in the world of fabrics, the Mesh Reflective Down Jacket is made of a unique and highly reflective fiberglass blend material. It industrial feel run-proof shell is treated with thousands of glass micro-spheres, giving it a highly reflective and completely unique aesthetic that is constantly changing, reacting to the light around it.

A selection brimming with innovative, expertly executed and forward thinking designs, the first drop of the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection from Stone Island is online now.

Stone Island – Archivio ’982–’012

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

One of the most eagerly anticipated releases from the iconic Italian brand, Archivio is an illustrative retrospective of the rich, pioneering history of Stone Island. Comprising of 644 pages, the book showcases the work of esteemed designer Carlo Rivetti, with an unwavering attention to detail and in-depth descriptions, recounting three decades of exploration and experimentation in technical outerwear, resulting in some of the most advanced garments currently available.

The publication was compiled as a companion to Stone Island’s recent Stazione Leopalda 30th anniversary show and was the work of creative duo Simon Foxton and Nick Griffiths, the latter showcasing his considerable photographic skills in the book. Presented in a printed carry case and weighing a sizeable 6kg, the book features a foreword from Carlo Rivetti as well as an essay from Italian sociologist and journalist, Francesco Morace entitled ‘Thirty Years of Stone Island and the Challenge Facing New Italian-Style Business’. The true highlight of Archivio is obviously the insight into the garments, which includes 307 of Stone Island’s most glorified and rare pieces – some of which have never left the company archives.

For more information on Stone Island – Archivio ’982 – ’012 or to register your interest, please email us at info@endclothing.co.uk or call the store on +44 191 231 3983.

Stone Island Sunglasses

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Something of a personal project for Stone Island founder Carlo Rivetti, Stone Island’s first sunglasses collection has been ‘in the works’ for a long time. Produced in collaboration with EG Brands, the collection embodies Stone Island’s ethos of technical innovation and refined aesthetics.

Each pair is made by hand in Italy, using functional, durable materials of the finest quality, and tested to the highest industry standards. Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlenses are used throughout, offering 100% UV protection, with exceptional optical clarity and scratch resistance.

Stylistically, the collection stays true to Stone Island’s methodology, taking classic, familiar styles with their roots in motorsport, fashion and the military, and reworking them with a thoroughly modern, technical approach to design. The branding is discrete and subtle, allowing the timeless, masculine styling and skilled craftsmanship to speak for themselves.

For a detailed look at our full selection, visit the Stone Island section now

Stone Island AW11

Monday, June 20th, 2011

The first AW11 arrival here at End comes courtesy of one of the most famous labels around – Stone Island. We already featured and in depth look at their Diemme Colab Boot last week, and now our attentions turn to the quality clothing contained in this drop.

This early Autumn/Winter range comprises a number of Stone Island staples – designs that feature all year round – including polos, garment dyed sweaters and of course, some top quality outerwear. The colours are perfectly chosen to suit these classic styles, and each piece emphasises the S.P.W. ethos, using unique dying processes and specially developed fabrics to create a range that epitomises Stone Island.

This limited edition collection is a great preview of what we should expect from a very exciting AW11 season from Stone Island.

Stone Island Ventile ‘Ghost’ Jacket

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Although Stone Island is renowned for implementing cutting edge fabrics in their design its is in the detailing of the The Stone Island Ventile ‘Ghost’ Jacket that makes this limited edition jacket is unique. Originally pioneered by the RAF, Ventile is an uncoated and unlaminated cotton fabric which provides an unparalleled weatherproof using an ingenious combination of dense weave and swelling properties. This completely natural fabric offers a unique level of comfort as well as being wind proof, highly breathable and very durable, and as a result and has been used in some of the world’s finest outerwear performance military and medical garments.

Ventile has featured in the mainline, Denims and Shadow Project Stone Island ranges in the past but the ‘Ghost’ Jacket takes Stone Island’s fabric technology into unchartered territory. It is the first Stone Island jacket to feature an all white compass logo badge and white branded buttons, showcasing the Sportswear brand at its innovative best.



Winter Essentials – Part 1

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Over the next week we are going to be showcasing a few of our favourite winter choices, from jackets, jumpers and knitwear to keep the elements out, to books and magazines to entertain you if you’re snowed in, we’ve tried to explore every avenue in our picks.

We start off with a ‘look’ that’s very current at the moment, based around classic outdoorwear silhouettes such as parkas and hiking boots. The brands that most people tend to choose have a rich heritage and use materials and processes that have been at the fore for generations.


Our second choice is one that started on the terraces in the 80s, when British fans ventured over to Europe for games and came back with talk of ultra-exclusive sportswear labels. The most popular labels often started out purely for sportsmen and women and became popular due to their iconic branding and aspirational quality, exclusivity – and price tag!


Transcending a few influences, our final style in this installment focusses on styles that were designed with functionality very much in mind. Robust materials and construction and simple designs mean that these classics are made to be worn again and again, by some of the most iconic manufacturers around.


Stone Island – Carlo Rivetti’s HQ Tour

Friday, November 5th, 2010

This is a must for any Stone Island fan, as Sportswear Company CEO Carlo Rivetti gives us an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Stone Island Head Quarters in Ravarino. He explains the philosophy behind Stone Island and shows us where each design begins, before heading off to the famous archive, where there are over 40,000 pieces for the design team to reference and use as inspiration. We then follow Carlo through the factory, as he explains the processes that go into each Stone Island collection, the dying, and choice of fabrics which are all thoroughly researched before production starts. He then takes us through the painstaking manufacturing process that defines each Sportswear Company piece and ensures that each product is produced to the highest possible standards.

This video shows the huge amount of thought and effort that goes into each Stone Island design, which is something that can sometimes be difficult to appreciate, and this candid interview with one of fashions true pioneers definitely makes for very good watching. Enjoy.

We have chosen to have a closer look at a couple of this season’s stand out pieces, both of which are featured in the video – The Liquid Reflective and Ice Jackets. Both of these styles showcase the innovation and forward thinking of Stone Island and give an idea of just how the vast resources at the Ravaniro HQ influence the design process.


Stone Island AW10 – Delivery 1

Friday, July 9th, 2010

We have received our first Autumn delivery from pioneering outerwear brand Stone Island. We have styles from both the black and white label collections, including the much anticipated Liquid Reflector Jacket. Thousands of glass micropsheres are sprayed onto the jacket, which is then baked to set the colour, and the reflective properties into the jacket. A truly innovative and individual jacket which epitomises the Stone Island brand ethos.

Head to the Stone Island section to view the styles from delivery one…





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